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Sabine Lindenstreich


Sabine Klara Perpetua Lindenstreich had a passion for painting and drawing since she was a child.

Over the years, she perfected her unique talent for abstract art in an autodidact manner.


Instead of working mainly with brushes, since 2015 she has been creating her artworks with a variety of large wooden tools in order to be able to apply paint to her canvases in a large, flowing and smooth manner.


She found influences for her style of painting through visits to large metropolises and places by water. The Mediterranean region is a great source of inspiration, while the architecture and the fast pace of life in large cities also serve as important influences on some of the works. She finds further inspiration in the aesthetics and mood of important scenes from works of film production. She uses these sources of inspiration to process what she has seen within the framework of abstract techniques.


A special series that Sabine works on in her artistic career is the ongoing Rush series, which is characterized by strong contrasting tones. It began in 2019 after a stay in New York and is continuously being expanded to include more paintings.


Sabine Klara Perpetua Lindenstreich was born in 1996 and lives in Bonn. 



“The emotional state that art evokes in both the artist and the viewer is constantly changing. Sometimes we feel art as our own freedom, sometimes we see love more clearly through it, it can be something random, serve us therapeutically or simply be aesthetically pleasing and captivate us.


My art is characterized by fearlessness, calm and prudence. Despite sporadically occurring grueling moments in the creative process, I don't let myself be diverted from my goal and get the best result out of every work.

I want to teach everyone to be brave and fearless. Everyone should acquire the determination not to bow down to any obstacle and to take on new challenges with a willingness to take risks in order to get what you want.

Calmness and prudence are shown by my thoughtful use of the spatula, with which I give all my works of art a calming aura that captivates the viewer.




In addition, my very own intuition is of great importance. Despite the values mentioned, I approach my art with a certain gut feeling. Each of my works of art only becomes so unique because in the creative process I feel which is the next right step towards completion and I fully commit myself to going with it.

I would like to encourage the viewer to implement this more in their everyday life. Our emotional side is often underestimated, but it is worth listening to as it serves as an excellent guide. It can create a noticeable clarity in order to find more peace and prudence.


The balance between rational and intuitive action is therefore the basis of my artistic work. Intellect, empiricism and instinct are not to be considered separately from each other, but lead to the best results in harmony. Not only in art, but in every situation in life. We are constantly forced to make decisions. If you consider the values mentioned as a guideline, we will be brought closer to making the right decisions for us and go through life with more inspiration.”

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